Alberto Testa specialises in far-right extremism, terrorism & hooliganism

As a Behavioural Scientist, Alberto Testa is interested in the role that unconscious processes play in individuals’ decisions and (deviant) behaviours. Alberto is interested in how the behaviours of far-right activists and groups are influenced by the micro, meso and macro environments. In particular, Alberto is interested in the importance that unconscious processes have in explaining behaviours and the influence that the environment has on individuals’ unconscious internalization processes. Alberto Testa abides by the Code of Ethics of the American Society of Criminology.

Research interests

  • Far-Right Extremism, Terrorism 
  • Hate Crimes – Antisemitism & Islamophobia
  • (Far-Right) Football Hooliganism, Ultras

Current Research Projects

  • Guest editor for the research collection Sport radicalisation and violent extremism for Frontiers. (2021)
  • An Ethnography of Online Far-Right extremism
  • White Jihad ,Terrorism and the Far-Right in Europe
  • Through the Magnifying Glass: Mapping Extremism in the Bosnian Football Terraces. This research will contribute to the Bosnia & Herzegovina Resilience Initiative (BHRI) Programme (implemented by the International Organization for Migration -United Nations, funded and closely coordinated with the U.S. Agency for International Development -USAID) aiming to reduce the threat of violent extremism in BiH and to counter extremist efforts to deepen or exploit communal tensions. 

Memberships of Professional Bodies