Professor Alberto Testa

I am a Behavioural Sociologist (Deviance & Crime) & Associate Professor in Criminology (Research) at the University of West London, UK and affiliate member of the Psychology Coalition at the United Nations (PCUN); I am  specialised in Applied Behaviour Analysis aiming to detect Deception  and I am a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI).

I am internationally recognised as expert on  Far-Right activism, radicalisation and violence (terrorism) and in sport on Hooliganism, prevention and policing. As a Behavioural sociologist, I am interested in the role that unconscious processes play in individuals’ decisions and (deviant) behaviours.

In all my studies, I use empirical evidence ; so evidence validated by direct experience and observation . My aim is to ‘get inside’ the way each social group and individuals belonging to it see the world. Speaking and interacting with participants is crucial for me.

Research Interests

  • Far-Right: Radicalisation & De-Radicalisation
  • White Jihad, Terrorism & Policing
  • Hooliganism, Ultras Violence and the Far-Right

I have also built an international reputation as an authority in the following research areas: Italian Society (Corruption and Mafia) and the Sociology of Sport (Islamophobia/Racism).

Current Research Projects

1. White Jihad , Terrorism and the Far Right in Europe: My research network is composed by several European research institutions (UK, Russia, Greece, Balkans, Ukraine, Italy); all researchers have direct experience in terms of Observation and direct access to the groups studied.This project will also focus on processes of radicalisation within the major European football terraces and issues of prevention, and policing.

2. Football, Corruption and the Mafia: This important study explores the intricate relationships between politics, business, sport and organised crime in Italy and Europe.

3. ENABLE: in collaboration with national police forces, aims to prevent and tackle football spectators’ violence (Hooliganism). ENABLE is led by Professor Clifford Stott; Alberto Testa is member of the scientific committee and Director of the ENABLE Italy

4. BRISWA (the Ball Rolls In the Same Way for All):I work as an expert in the steering group of the European Union -funded project BRISWA, a project co-financed under the E+ programme (EAC/A04/2015). The project aims to study Racism in football and how it manifests  (recent trends), to assess police and makers interventions (good practice) and  to provide policy recommendations to stakeholders.

Esteem Indicators

  • Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI); UK independent think tank engaged in cutting edge defence and security research
  • Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the SportComLab- Centre for Research on Sports Communication , Department Of Education Science, at the  “Alma Mater Studiorum”-Bologna University (Italy)
  • Associate Editor of the Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology
  • External Examiner for the Applied Sociology programme -BA (Hons) ; University of Suffolk (UK) & for the Master (MA) Sociology, Social Policy and Crime; University of Bradford (UK)

Latest Books

  • Corruption, Mafia Power and Italian Soccer . This is a unique study which explores the intricate relationships between politics, business, soccer and mafias in Italy (and Europe).
  • Sport in Islam and in Muslim Communities. Selected by the Olympic Studies Center to be included in the Olympic World Library catalogue 

Recent media contributions (for the full list…. )

Alberto Testa; BBC Radio 5 live  show with Nihal Arthanayake; Topic: FA open investigation into alleged racist chants during Millwall win over Everton (January 2019)

Alberto Testa; TalkRadio show with George Galloway ; Topic: Far-Right radicalisation and risk of Lone Wolf terrorism in U.K. (January 2019)

Alberto Testa; Safety & Security International: Battling the Boneheads. S&SI is the leading publication for the Counter-Terror and public safety communities; its audience comprises Security practitioners, policy-makers and professionals worldwide (December 2018)

Alberto Testa; LBC show with Tom Swarbrick ; Topic : Comments on the latest UK prosecution and conviction of members of the Far-Right National Action group (November 2018)

Alberto Testa; DAILY EXPRESS;Topic : ” Killing Eve (BBC Drama series): Do female assassins like Villanelle really exist? A Criminologist point of view “(October 2018). Interview Part 1 ; Part 2