Dr Testa is an applied sociologist of deviance and crime and senior lecturer in Criminology at the University of West London, UK . Dr. Testa has achieved Certified Sociological Practitioner Status (C.S.P.) which is granted by the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS) and recognised by the USA Commission on the Accreditation of Programs in Applied and Clinical Sociology (CAPACS) and the American Sociological Association (ASA).
Alberto abides to the Codes of Ethics of the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology and the American Sociological Association.
The Ethics Codes can be found here

Dr Testa has researched and published widely on football Ultras (Hooliganism) and the Far-right; among his publications there is the book Football Fascism and Fandom which is a highly original and empirically rich study on the inner life-world of Far-right Ultras (Hooligans).

Currently he is engaged in three collaborative research projects:

  • Football, Corruption and the Mafia.
  • ENABLE: in collaboration with national police forces, aims to prevent and tackle football spectators’ violence (HOOLIGANISM). ENABLE is led by Professor Clifford Stott; Alberto Testa is member of the scientific committee and Director of the ENABLE Italy
  •  The rise of the Extreme right in the European Football Terraces

Research Interests

  • Ultras, Hooliganism  violence, prevention and policing
  • European Extreme Right:Italian Neo-Fascism , Neo-Nazism Activism
  • Italian Society (politics, corruption and mafia)
  • Sociology of Sport (deviance /racism/corruption)

Alberto is:

  • Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI); UK independent think tank engaged in cutting edge defence and security research
  • Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the SportComLab- Centre for Research on Sports Communication , Department Of Education Science, at the  “Alma Mater Studiorum”-Bologna University (Italy).
  • Member of the UK Higher Education Forum for Learning and Development in Policing.
  • Associate Editor of the Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology

Latest Book

  • Corruption, Mafia Power and Italian Football (Routledge-Nov 2017)

Selected Latest Media Contributions

  • Dr Alberto Testa; TalkRadio (News UK  group) The Week with Jonny Gould; Topic : The Italian Constitutional Referendum and Brexit, (December, 2016)
  • Dr Alberto Testa; TalkRadio (News UK  group) Sunday Breakfast show with Jake Yapp; Topic: The rise of the “Alternative Right “ in the USA and the Extreme Right in Europe, (November, 2016)


Dr Alberto Testa took to the airwaves again over the weekend in an interview and phone-in with LBC journalist Tom Swarbrick about football hooliganism in the Euro 2016 finals. Watch a small clip from the program

Dr Alberto Testa; THE VOICE OF AMERICA (the official external broadcast institution of the United States Government );Topic: Violence and Neo Nazism at the European Cup in France (June, 2016)  Click for the Interview