Professor Alberto Testa

Dr. Alberto Testa is a Professor of Applied Criminology at the University of West London ( UK) and Security Consultant. Professor Testa is specialised in Applied Behaviour Analysis aiming to detect Deception.As a Behavioural Scientist, He is interested in the role that unconscious processes play in individuals’ decisions and (deviant) behaviours. Alberto is a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI-CISA, USA) and a Registered Security Consultant (ASC-RISC)

Dr Testa is internationally recognised as Expert on Far-Right Radicalisation and Terrorism, and in sport on the link Far-Right – Hooliganism.  In all his studies, Dr Testa uses empirical evidence ; so evidence validated by direct experience from the “field”.  The aim is to understand the way each groups studied, and individuals belonging to it, see the world. So speaking and interacting with participants is crucial. Albeit this approach is very challenging; it is crucial as it provided in depth and current analyses. 

Research Interests

  • Far-Right: Radicalisation & De-Radicalisation
  • White Jihad, Terrorism & Policing
  • Far-Right, Ultras Violence and Hooliganism
  • Sport Criminology : Mafia- Football, Islamophobia, Antisemitism and Racism in Football

Current Research Projects

  1. White Jihad , Terrorism and the Far Right in Europe:


2. Through the Magnifying Glass: Mapping Extremism in the Bosnian Football Terraces: Extremists use the European Football stadia to recruit members, showcase their propaganda and coordinate (international) action. The purpose of this research is to explore the relationship between football hooliganism and violent extremism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). This research will contribute to the Bosnia & Herzegovina Resilience Initiative (BHRI) Programme (implemented by the International Organization for Migration -United Nations, funded and closely coordinated with the U.S. Agency for International Development -USAID) aiming to reduce the threat of violent extremism in BiH and to counter extremist efforts to deepen or exploit communal tensions. Research Team Leader: Prof. Alberto Testa.

3. Countering the Far-right Extremism: Exploring the perspective of religious communities and community organisations in the UK: The rising far-right threats require the re-conceptualisation of extremism and the review of the existing countering extremism policies.This study investigates how the UK faith communities perceive the rise of Far-Right extremism and what should be the UK government strategic/policy response. Project led by Mr. Jaffer A.Mirza; Senior Researcher and consultant: Prof. Alberto Testa. The study is funded by the Centre for Academic Shia Studies- Al Khoei Foundation.

Esteem Indicators

  • Expert participant at the European Commission Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN);
  • UK representative at the Institute for National and International Security (INIS). INIS is an International think thank for Intelligence, National and International Security, Defense and Counter-Terrorism.
  • Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the SportComLab- Centre for Research on Sports Communication , Department Of Education Science, at the  “Alma Mater Studiorum”-Bologna University (Italy)
  • Associate Editor of the Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology

Recent media contributions (for the full list…. )

Alberto Testa; LBC show with Tom Swarbrick; Topic :Comments on Sadiq Khan’s article “Britain should be leading the fight against extremism” (September 2019). The interview

Alberto Testa; BBC investigation on Antisemitism in the UK Universities: ” The students fighting back against anti-Semitism” (July 2019) 

Alberto Testa; LBC show with Andrew Castle; Topic :Comments on “Cancel Brexit’ petition woman receives death threats” (March 2019)

Alberto Testa; LBC show with Nick Ferrari; Topic :Comments on “Systemic Islamophobia’ fuels terror attacks, say Muslim leaders” (March 2019)

Alberto Testa; BBC SCOTLAND- The Nine; “Far-Right Terrorism”. Topic: New Zealand Terrorist attack (March 2019)

Alberto Testa; SKY NEWS; Understanding the Far-Right Terrorist “Mind”. Topic: Christchurch shootings: 49 dead in New Zealand mosque attacks (March 2019)