Selected Conferences

  • Global Counter Terror and Serious Organised Crime Summit- London,UK (2021). Opening keynote speech. Title: From contemplation to political soldier: The far right as global security threat”.
  • Online Security workshop organised by the Institute for National and International Security and Fudan University -China. (May, 2021). Invited talk. Title: “China and Europe: An analysis of differences and point of contacts in tackling the common organised crime and terrorism threats”.
  • Online experts’ workshop organised by the European Policy Center and the Counter Extremism Project .(February, 2021). “Disguised Compliance”.
  • European Security and Intelligence: Analysis of the Terrorist Attacks in France and Austria” (2020). Online experts’ workshoporganised by the Hybrid Warfare Research Institute (Croatia) and The Institute of National and International Security (INIS). Invited talk. Title : “Researching Extremism, the “Right” way: Some notes”.
  • Research briefing . Headquarters of the Canton Sarajevo Police (Sarajevo-2020). Title: “Policing the Bosnian Football Terraces” .
  • Research briefing. USAID (USA embassy Sarajevo -2020). Title : “Through the Magnifying Glass: Mapping Extremism in the Bosnian Football Terraces”.
  • Global Counter Terror and Serious Organised Crime Summit-(London- 2019). Keynote speech. Title: “The growing threat of Extreme Right Wing Terror”.
  • Coalition For Religious Equality and Inclusive Development. Forum on Freedom of Religion or Belief and Inclusive Development :“Monitoring and countering hate speech and violence” (London- 2019). Invited talk.
  • United Nations Human Rights Council (Geneva-2019). Invited talk by the Al-Khoei Foundation. Title: “The Rise of the Far Right in Europe”.
  • The Radicalisation Awareness Network (Lisbon-2019). International experts’ workshop. The role of sports and leisure activities in preventing and countering violent extremism. Invited talk.
  • Safety & Security International. S&SI is the leading publication for the Counter-Terror and public safety communities; its audience comprises Security practitioners, policy-makers and professionals worldwide.(November, 2018). Interview:Battling the Boneheads”.
  • International Study Workshop : Learning from adjacent fields: Exploring the relation between hooliganism and extremism’; organised by the Radicalisation Awareness Network ; the Polish Police and the Institute for Social Safety ( Warsaw- 25-26th October 2018). Invited talk . It was a pleasure to know that the Radicalisation Awareness Network (organisation set up by the European Commission as an EU-wide umbrella network of practitioners engaged to prevent and counter radicalisation to violent extremism) has used my insight on these groups propaganda in their report.
  • International Research Conference: ‘Extreme Masculinities’ organised by the University of Vienna and the ZukunftsFonds (The Future Fund of the Republic of Austria subsidizes scientific and pedagogical projects which foster tolerance and mutual understanding on the basis of a close examination of the sufferings caused by the Nazi regime on the territory of present-day Austria), Wien, Austria, (28th September-1st October 2017). Invited talk: “Masculinity, violence and the far right”
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