Research Areas

  • Far-right: Terrorism & Policing
  • Far-right: Football Hooliganism & Ultras
  • Hate crime: Antisemitism & Islamophobia
  • Mafia, Camorra, Ndrangheta & Policing
  • Sport Criminology: Antisemitism and racism in football
  • Sport & Politics

Current Research Projects

  • White Jihad ,Terrorism and the Far Right in Europe. Forthcoming paper: “The post-Tarrant world”. Justifications for the Christchurch massacre” (2022).
  • Through the Magnifying Glass: Mapping Extremism in the Bosnian Football Terraces. (Research supported by the International Organization for Migration -United Nations and funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development -USAID). Forthcoming book: Football and Violent Extremism: An ethnographic study of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Ultras (Routledge- 2023).
  • On the streets of “Gomorrah” with the Falchi (Hawks). In this ethnographic work, criminologist Alberto Testa will explain the dangerous world of the “Falchi”, an elite motorcycle unit of the Italian Police which has battled against Italian organised crime since the 1970’s.
  • Guest editor for the research collection Sport, radicalisation and violent extremism (Frontiers – 2022) 

Memberships of Professional Bodies

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